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Proprietary, Non-Toxic System


Consultation In Passivation, Inc. offers truly effective, nontoxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable cleaning and passivation services. Our chemists pioneered the best viable chelation chemistries. In fact, our chemists designed the systems that most of our competitors claim as their own.


Our unique and highly effective chelation systems are proven to provide significantly superior results when compared to the mineral acids and “supposed” passive chelants normally used in today’s passivation industry.


Priority 3 Step Process:


The First Step of the C.I.P. process is a staged alkaline chelation with concurrent detergency. This step removes dust, oils, debris, and inclusions within the microstructure of the stainless steel, as well as various commonly encountered amphoretics.


The Second Step includes a staged acidic chelation using applied reductants. Free iron and extraneous nickel and their oxides are removed. In addition, this step complexes the heat-tint from weld’s HAZ and coordinates and removed surface/sub-micro surface ferrite.


The Third and Final Step is passivation. While the first two steps remove impurities and contaminants, the third step only engenders the formation of a viable passive film, it promotes and nurtures the ongoing dynamic mechanism.


“When it comes to maintaining critical stainless steel systems, you can’t afford compromise”.

Because no two jobs are alike, only a careful analysis and expert application of chemistry specific to your needs will achieve trouble-free passivation protection – protection that can last for years. You’ll receive exceptional value with direct benefit to your bottom line by keeping critical systems corrosion-free.


Our proprietary chemistry process is the gold standard for guaranteed results. We’re more than a service – we’re a service organization of highly trained chemists, scientists, and engineers – known and respected worldwide as the pioneer in Specialized Chelant Passivation.


We get results:


There is no such thing as “stainless” steel, it is rather stain resistant steel. To maximize stain resistance and for truly effective, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable alternative, contact the only company that can provide them.

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